Jason Schappert – #WhyiFly

We would like to present our first ‪#‎whyifly‬ story!

Jason Schappert is the owner of MzeroA.com which is an amazing website to gain valuable aviation knowledge. Whether you are a professional pilot or still dreaming of your first flight we would highly recommend you check out MzeroA!

We at Pilot To Pilot are currently checking out the “Safer Pilot Challenge” and would recommend everyone do the same!

Throughout the day we will be posting a few more photos with so more Information on Jason Schapperts #whyifly story!


What is Jason’s favorite plane that he has flown?

Piper Vagabond!

With a top speed of around 101 mph and a range of of 252 miles. The Piper Vagabond is Jason Schappert’s favorite plane that he has ever flown.

The Vagabond was first built in 1948 and cost a shocking $1,995. It was the first Piper built plane after World War II. Piper only built 601 Vagabonds making them rather hard to find.


Jason’s Dream Plane

The only thing Jason’s Dream plane has in common with the Vagabond is that it has one engine.

The beautiful PC-12 is Jason’s dream plane and we at Pilot to Pilot have to agree with him! The Swiss aircraft was created in 1991. With a cruising speed of around 285ktas and max operating altitude of 30,000.

Now what is most impressive about this plane is that you can take off and land at pretty much any field! Simply remarkable.

The PC 12 which is also known as “The World’s Most Wanted Single” is Jason’s and probably many other pilots favorite plane!


When did Jason know he wanted to become a pilot?

Jason knew he wanted to be a pilot at the age of 12. Finishing his training at age 16!

He was introduced to aviation by his grandma. His grandma would take him on field trips to their local airport at a very young age.

Local airports are a great place to spark your passion for flying. Head you yours today!



Thank you for reading Jason’s story! – Interested in sharing your story? Email us at pilottopilothq@gmail.com


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