Patrick Pearce – #WhyiFly

Patrick Pearce is the co-founder of @insta.plane. Which is one of the most respected aviation instagram accounts around. Please check them out and give them a follow!

Name: Patrick Pearce

Occupation: Student, Founder of @Insta.Plane, student pilot

Why I got into aviation:


Unlike many pilots, I have no aviation history within my family. I caught the “aviation bug” when a friend of mine’s dad in my elementary days took me up in his Columbia 400. Ever since then the aviation bug has created a virus of pure aviation addiction within me. No other career or hobby allows you to view the world from a completely different perspective and gives you the power to do most things many people don’t have the chance to.

Favorite aviation story:


Just a few months ago, I was flying with my instructor in the practice area over the desert just north of the Phoenix metropolitan area. As we were cruising along at 4,500 feet and doing maneuvers, we came to a point in the lesson where we headed back towards Scottsdale Airport (Just north of Phoenix) at straight and level flight. All of a sudden I saw a black object flying directly at our 172 at an amazingly fast speed. Before I could warn my instructor of the oncoming object, he took control of the plane and made a sharp 50 degree bank to the right and a decent to avoid what we soon found out was a bird. We did not have long to recover from the sudden change of course and altitude, as the bird brought friends along with it. Soon we were avoiding a flock of 3 large hawks, just like the one we had previously juked, and my instructor did something I will never forget. My instructor took the plane, made a 50 plus degree turn to the left, avoiding the first bird, followed by a 50 plus degree turn to the right, avoiding the second bird, and finished off the clearance of birds by dropping the nose down at an alarming rate to avoid the last hawk that skimmed our plane by just a few feet. Right then a there I knew that I had chosen the right instructor for my flight training.

Favorite aviation photo:


My favorite aviation photo that I have ever posted on @Insta.Plane would be the recent photo of ours featuring an ANA 787 taking off, viewable by the commuters on a bridge in Taipei Taiwan.

Favorite plane I have flown: Cirrus SR-22


Dream Plane: Pilatus PC-12

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

The PC-12 is 2/2 so far on favorite dream plane!

How has flying changed my life:  


Flying has changed my life because through piloting an aircraft, I have been introduced to a completely new world full of new processes, people, and ways of life. Aviation is something extremely special that many pilots get accustomed to, but we all need to take a step back every once in a while and realize how blessed we are to experience such a beautiful thing. Whether you’re a plane spotter, a student pilot, or a captain of a 747, we all share the love for aviation.

Thank you for reading Patricks story! – Interested in sharing your story? Email us at

*Disclaimer – All photos have been given proper credit on instagram. If this is your photo and you would like credit on this site. Please let me know and I will do so!*


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