Bert Eyckmans – #WhyiFly

Bert Eyckmans is the founder of the instagram page @Bertazertyplanes. Bert has over 67,000 followers and posts some amazing shots! If you are interested in having @Bertazertyplanes repost your images make sure you use the hashtag #bertazertylanes

Name – Bert Eyckmans

Why you wanted to be a pilot


“Flying isn’t working, it’s a passion. Your work is an adventure!”

Dream Plane – B777

B777 engine test.jpgFavorite plane you have flown – B777

Age you knew you wanted to be a pilotFullSizeRender.jpg

“Probably 5 or even earlier.”

Favorite flying story

FullSizeRender.jpgI’ve flown on a B737 as 1 of the 7 passengers on board, it was an awesome experience.

Favorite picture you have taken flying


“Most of the time I just enjoy the view instead of taking pictures.”

Best advice for all the pilots out there


“Safe landings guys.”

How has flying changed your life


“Best thing ever happend to me, doing  what I love :)”

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*Disclaimer – All photos here were given credit to the photographer on instagram. If you would like to have credit given on the website please let me know.*


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