Stani Klajban – #WHYIFLY

Stani Klajban is a Slovak pilot currently aviating in Spain. Below is his #whyifly story. Stani goes into detail on his decision of why to become a pilot and the harships he encountered a long the way.

Stani has an instagram page @stani320 where he posts some amazing photos of himself and his friends flying around Spain.

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When I was 16-17 I discovered how much I was impressed by everything that was flying. Later, when I was finishing the secondary school, I decided to apply to a military school, so I could follow my dream. Just at that point, the whole system changed in Slovakia and all of Eastern Europe, the future of our Mig’s were uncertain, and so were the studies.

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I was going to start to study as an aeronautical engineer, but the situation didn’t look promising. I decided to study at the University of Economics in Bratislava, and I’ve tried to convince myself that aviation is nothing for me, and this is the destiny…

To make the story shorter, I was traveling a lot, living in different european countries and after I settled down on the Canary Islands, and nothing has changed, (I got always hypnotized by the planes landing, taking off, etc.) I’ve decided to do at least my private pilot license.

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As a Slovak living in Spain, with only basic Spanish knowledges it was for me pretty tough for me to learn, but it was my dream and I had to achieve it. So at the same time while, I was studying the aviation theory, with a dictionary in my hands I was trying to translate all the Spanish into my language and to understand what this was all about. Pretty complicated, but and I learned and improved my Spanish as well.

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My favorite quote: “If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.” by Toni Morrison says it all.

The best view comes after the hardest climb! And it’s right! 🙂


In 2007 it was finally so far: I got my license and I was able to start to fly. General aviation in Spain is nothing to compare to the rest of Europe or United States. On the mainland Spain there are a lot of aerodromes, but here in the Canary Islands, specially in Tenerife we only have 2 big international airports. The taxes are not cheap, you have to maintain your license, medical and all the papers current…

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But if it is your dream, you don’t see these problems. The only thing matters is when you look down at the world from the plane, then you say it was worth the effort. 

As Jason Schappert from Mzero says: “A good pilot is always learning”, so I do read a lot about the aviation, write my own blog, see a lot of aviation videos, share flights with my pilot friends to get a safer pilot.

What I specially like is to record my flights with the Gopros. I would recommend it to every student pilot; specially the instruments in the cockpit and to use it in your debriefing. I think it is a great tool, to improve your skills, to see, what you have done wrong, to avoid this in the future.




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  1. Love it Justin, thanks for sharing! 😎


  2. Reblogged this on Stan's blog – Sharing (not only) my flying experiences… and commented:
    This is my “Why I fly” story, hope you’ll enjoy it! 🙂


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