5 Essential iPad Applications That Every Pilot Needs

5 Essential iPad Applications That Every Pilot Needs.

Aviation applications have had such a great impact on our industry. They have simplified what used to be difficult, they have made accessible what used to be hard to get. Some apps have completely changed the way we plan our cross countries. Some apps have just made life as a pilot easier. Below are a list of the 5 essential iPad applications that every pilot needs.

  • ForeFlight – This app might be the most important application ever invented. I don’t know if there has been another app created that has completely changed the way an industry works. ForeFlight has changed almost everything about how we prepare and execute our flights. No need for heavy briefcases, AFM, or even a sectional (although we always recommend carrying a sectional with you.)


  • AeroWeather (free) -The simplest and fastest way to look up weather at your favorite airports. Just enter any airport ICAO identifier and you have 24/7 access to that locations weather. You can then choose from the standard raw format or if you are feeling lazy you can have the meters decoded. If you are a student pilot we recommend the raw format this way you can practice reading raw metars. Which is good practice for your PPL check ride.


  • MyRadar (free) – A great way to get a snapshot of the weather you may encounter along your route. It’s aviation overlay features are a very handy tool. Having the ability to see the airmets, sigmets and TFR’s on your route is extremely helpful. This app is essential in my preflight, I use it to supplement my go or no go decision.


  • CloudAhoy – This is the king of debriefing apps. As the website says it is “changing the way pilots debrief after landing.”  Want to know exactly how much altitude you lost on your steep turns? Or how about how far you strayed off course on an ILS? Well look no more. CloudAhoy is essential to every pilots app arsenal. This app offers you the chance to see where you slipped up, gives you reasons why slipped up and lets you determine how to fix it. A must have for every pilot trying to perfect their skills.


  • Sheppard Air – If CloudAhoy is the king of debriefing apps then Sheppard Air is the king of study prep apps. There simply isn’t a more useful tool when preparing for your written exams. Sheppard air has an extensive bank of questions from the FAA, they also update that bank with their 24/7 support. Sheppard Air will get you ready for any written exam in just a few days! Also, they have a money back guarantee that states you will see every possible question while studying or your money back!


Leave a comment below with your favorite avitaion app.


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  1. Airnavpro & aeroweather.


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